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Welkom bij Ocean Art!
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Aqua Medic AC Runner 3.0
Aqua Medic

Aqua Medic AC Runner 3.0

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For use as a circulation or current pump in salt or freshwater aquaria
Rugged pump housing
Polished ceramic shaft and bearings for quiet operation and low maintenance
Submerged and non-submerged use is possible
Including pre-filter basket and hose connections (AC Runner 3.0 + 5.0)

Version AC Runner 3.0
Pump Power up to 3,000 l/h
Max. Head up to 2.7 m
Total Power Consumption max. 27 watts
Power Supply Pump 220 - 240 V / 50 Hz
Suction Side Ø 31 mm / 1 ¼inch
Pressure Side Ø 25 mm / 1 inch
Protection Rating IP X8
Dimensions in mm app.
155 x 90 x 115

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